Special features

Technical data


e.g. SCANIA P380 or MAN TGM 18.xxx for road use or all-wheel drive    

(other chassis available upon request)
Crew: Crew (1+2)
Box body: Lightweight aluminium construction with variable aluminium profile system
Controls: Schmitz CAN bus control with push-button control panel 
Decontamination: Optional DeFco decontamination unit
Tail lift: 1000 kg to 1500 kg

Standard loadout in accordance with DIN 1455 Part 12 Table 1

Lights: LED technology for interior and exterior lighting

Beacons, optional: light bars; electrical signalling system, optional: siren

Dimensions: L 8600 mm x W 2550 mm x H 3300 mm
Gross vehicle weight: 16 t to 18 t
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