On their way to Abu Dhabi

28 November 2021 was a special day: two vehicles specially designed for Abu Dhabi Port left our factory. Shipped from Bremerhaven, they are now one month away from reaching their destination.

The two HLF30 rescue vehicles on a SCANIA P380 4x2 chassis (279 kW/380 hp) with a flat PolyPlus body were specially designed for use at the port in Abu Dhabi.

Both vehicles are perfectly equipped for the challenging firefighting and technical assistance operations at the port:

  • HydroPen extinguishing system for containers
  • One Seven compressed air foam system
  • Touch screen panel for Axon control in the driver's cab and in the equipment compartment at the rear
  • Monitor for water and compressed air foam on the roof
  • Rope winch at the front
  • Integrated blue lights front and rear

We wish you every success with all your missions!

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